In the Netherlands, INPIEQ has 2 cranes equipped with a DLS registration system in combination with GPS. The GPS system is supported by Leica Geosystems BV and is exclusively available from INPIEQ.

Using the Data Logging System, you can already carry out your foundation works with meticulous accuracy. But now, when combined with GPS, this is much easier still!

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How does it work?
The pile position is loaded into the GPS program. A direct link is made between the data system and the GPS system. The exact position of the pile is linked to the pile’s data.
In this way, you have direct control over the position of the piles that have to be placed. After the pile has been placed, all the information and any changes regarding the pile are recorded.

With this unique combination, everything can be pre-programmed. Together with the GPS data, the DLS registration system determines the ideal position. This means your machine operator has fewer actions to execute, and there is increased focus on the work.
Our unique system is efficient, accurate and fast!

Interested in the DLS registration system in combination with GPS? Contact us without obligation for more information: +31 (0)164 687740 or +31 (0)6 20512620.

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