1993 machine ready for the future again!

One of our customers, Tubex BV, asked us to overhaul this drilling rig which was made in 1993. The machine no longer met current standards for emissions and could therefore seldom be used. We were commissioned to carry out the conversion and the results speak for themselves! Now, the rig not only meets the most recent environmental requirements, it has also been fitted with the latest electro-hydraulic controls!

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Complete overhaul
Following approval of the innovative concept - in terms of assembly and appearance – we started the complete overhaul in-house. To start with, we dismantled the rig down to the very last bolt. Then we inspected all of the main parts, modifying them where necessary. Finally we completely resprayed the rig in the desired colour of protective coating.

New drive unit
The main frame was fitted with a new drive unit, which consists of:

  • A diesel engine that meets the latest emission standards;
  • Enclosed pump circuit for the drill casing drive;
  • An over-sized open system pump for the general functions;
  • A rig management system on a 10-inch touchscreen for controlling all operations.

Thanks to these well-thought-out hydraulic assembly, the system is able to provide optimum performance, even with the diesel engine operating at a low rpm, which benefits fuel consumption and noise production. The complete new drive unit is housed in a sleek and compact casing that allows easily access for servicing and maintenance.

Drill casing & cab
We also tackled the drill casing. What is striking here is that the rpm has been increased and the automatic engagement of the hydraulic motors means the optimum drill torque is transferred to the borehole being drilled. The clamp control features an ingenious hydraulic rotary swivel with a 750mm bore so there are no longer any movable connecting parts to achieve the clamp control. The most remarkable thing though is the operator’s cab, which is no longer needed now that the rig can be operated remotely.

Thanks to INPIEQ’s complete overhaul of this trusty rig, Tubex BV can carry on using it for years to come!

If you have a rig that needs an overhaul, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! One of our expert staff will be happy to take your call: +31 (0)164 687740 or +31 (0)6 20512620.

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