On behalf of a client from Belgium, we gave this old crane a comprehensive inspection. INPIEQ completely overhauled the crane and delivered it ready for use. On the day after delivery the rig was working on the construction site once again, in its splendid new company colours.

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But a great deal of work preceded this. Now the crane can keep going for many more years and be used with complete safety.

Customisation at all times
No two rigs are the same, and every client has different wishes. And so it’s very important that you opt for a specialist partner on whom you can completely rely. This old crane was a big job, but no challenge is too great for the INPIEQ team.

Here are a few examples of the activities that we carried out:

  • New slewing ring emplaced
  • Overhaul of various cylinders
  • Hydraulic functions adjusted / updated
  • All winches inspected
  • Concrete supply on rotary head converted to 5 inch bore
  • And more…..

What can INPIEQ mean for you?
You can come to INPIEQ for impeccable service. From maintenance of the rig to the repair of specific components and the automation of work processes. We can arrange everything for you, so that you yourself don’t need to worry about it. We’ll give you back a rig that you can rely on once again!

Would you also like to have your rigs checked, repaired or automated, or do you have other wishes? Then contact us, without obligation, in order to discuss the possibilities.

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