For Gebr. van ’t Hek BV, INPIEQ has already provided 12 pile-driving rigs with INPIEQ Data Logging System. They are so satisfied with them that we have now also been contracted, in a phased approach, to provide a customised Data Logging System to all drilling rigs for drilling piles with grout injection. This system ensures that all parameters are automatically measured and saved. The first systems have by now been installed and delivered to the client.

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Own product
INPIEQ completely developed the Data Logging System itself, and it automatically logs all the data concerning every pile made, regardless of type. Our innovative and unique system is suitable for impact driving, drilling, vibro-driving, pressing and injection.
In 10 years, INPIEQ has grown to become one of the best in the world, and by now our Data Logging System is renowned at home and abroad. Even in Australia they are using our top-class customised technology.

Advantages of INPIEQ Data Logging System
A Data Logging System is actually always put together in a customised manner. We pay close attention to the client’s wishes and, using our experience and knowledge, we develop a customised system that complies with all requirements. After the system has been structured entirely as desired, we expertly install it so that it is ready for use.

INPIEQ’s innovative Data Logging System is:
✔️ Accurate
✔️ Reliable
✔️ Complete
✔️ Customised
✔️ Time-saving
✔️ User-friendly

Everything is possible!
Are you interested in our time and cost-saving Data Logging System? Then contact us, without obligation, for more information. We’ll be happy to tell you more about our system and the endless possibilities.

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