You know it better than anyone else: at construction sites progressively longer pipes are being used. The result? A pile driver on its own is not enough to pull them out of the ground. That’s why INPIEQ brought the PE400 pipe/casing extractor onto the market.

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In mid-May, INPIEQ  delivered another PE400 extractor inclusive the booster unit to Terracon BV. De PE400 exctractor with a pulling force of 400 tons has already done a lot of heavy work.


Every pipe/casing extractor is custom-made. PE400 is equiped with hydraulic clamping cylinders and has exchangeable clamping blocks so that it can provide an optimal grip on the tube. The hinged base plates and  brake valves on pulling cylinders ensure correct power transfer.

Easy to use

The PE400 pipe / casing extractor is remotely controlled. A customized or converted generator by our specialists is also an option for operating the PE400. Thanks to this winning combination, you have a mobile and independent unit that can be used anywhere.


You can use the PE400 pipe/casing extractor for various pile drivers because the quick connector fits any shovel/loader. So you can move the extractor quickly and easily to any spot on your construction site.


  • Max. pulling force 400 ton
  • Max. stroke length 1.000 mm
  • Max. operating pressure 320 bar
  • Max. pipe diameter 610 mm
  • Min. pipe diameter 355 mm
  • Max. oilflow 140 l/min
  • Total weight +/- 9000 kg
  • Includes set of exchangeable clamping blocks for diameters between 356 and  609 mm.
    Other diameters are available on request.

This pipe/casing extractor is specially developed by and for professionals. Are you interested in such machinery as well?  Then contact us, without obligation, in order to discuss the possibilities.

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