New semi-automatic system for cast-in-situ pile production

As an addition to the INPIEQ DLS, we have developed a system that enable us to guide the rig as well as logging. This gives a completely different dimension to casting piles in situ, resulting in optimal casting of the pile.

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INPIEQ’s Director, Frank van Deursen, explains the new system: “Our semi-automatic system for cast-in-situ pile production is an extension of our own Data Logging System. Thanks to this new system, we can henceforth guide the rig as well as logging. It should also be noted that the two systems can also easily be used separately.”

Cast-in-situ pile production

INPIEQ’s new and ingenious semi-automatic system was developed for casting piles in situ. During the automated penetration of various pile principles, an extensive number of parameters is logged, enabling deviations in the foundation to be identified immediately.

Unique concrete monitoring for optimal casting of the pile

When the predetermined depth has been reached, the pumping of concrete starts automatically. During this process, the flow of concrete can be monitored with great accuracy thanks to the empty pipe and pump yield functions. Combined with clear displays of fill ratio and concrete pressure in the INPIEQ system, the operator can adjust the winch speed at all times, resulting in optimal filling of the shaft. Frank: “This method of concrete monitoring makes our system genuinely unique, and benefits the concrete quality.”


It is also possible to upload the ideal fill ratio and/or filling pressure – depending on the type of ground, of course – in advance. This functionality ensures that concrete consumption is managed to attain the highest yield.

Suitable for every rig

This innovative system, in combination with a variety of concrete pumps, is usable with every rig, and can be used for cast-in-situ piles via both drilling and vibrating.

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