INPIEQ Data Logging System

You want to execute your foundation works with the utmost accuracy. That’s not a problem if you’re using the INPIEQ Data Logging System.

The support mechanism that’s made for you? INPIEQ Data Logging System

The installation of foundations? That demands highly efficient organisation of work as well as a thorough monitoring of the quality of the work performed. In short, the production and control of a pile is crucial, but it is also incredibly difficult.
What’s more, you need a good support mechanism: one that not only provides safe implementation of the works, but also continuous monitoring of the quality.
Precisely what the INPIEQ Data Logging System does. It is installed on your piling rig and records the details of every pile driven - regardless of type.
Thus you can easily add extra info to your log book.

Everything is under control with the INPIEQ Data Logging System

With the INPIEQ Data Logging System nothing escapes your attention. Because it:

  • monitors the quality of the pile
  • compares test results
  • analyses the pile (for example, its depth)
  • monitors the pile (thus for example you make notes during production)
  • confirms that the pile is standing firmly in the soil
  • sends data to your office

You use the INPIEQ Data Logging System both at the construction site and in the office. And using the data that it offers you, you work out good technical solutions for future projects.

Don’t hesitate to request more info about the INPIEQ Data Logging System.


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