PE300/400 pipe/casing extractor

Pulling long pipes effortlessly out of an excavation site? No problem with the PE300/400 pipe/casing extractor. Developed by and for professionals.

PE300/400 pipe/casing extractor: ideal for long pipes

You know it better than anyone else: at construction sites progressively longer pipes are being used.
The result? A pile driver on its own is not enough to pull them out of the ground.
That’s why INPIEQ brought the PE300/400 pipe/casing extractor onto the market.
For pipes with a diameter of 355 mm to 609 mm; with a maximum pulling force of 300 metric tons.
The extractor is controlled manually as standard. Prefer an electronic control? We can take care of that!

PE300/400 pipe/casing extractor: multi-purpose

You can use the PE300/400 pipe/casing extractor for various pile drivers because the quick connector fits any shovel/loader.
So you can move the extractor quickly and easily to any spot on your construction site.

PE300/400 pipe/casing extractor: flexible muscleman

How come you have a winner in your hands with PE300/400 pipe/casing extractor?

Well, it’s:

  • compact, robust and reliable
  • quick and easy to position around the pipe which is stuck
  • can be used for pipes equipped for special drilling

And the PE300 pipe/casing extractor has:

  • a high pulling force relative to its own weight
  • hinged base plates (so that the angle between the extractor and the substrate doesn’t matter)
  • exchangeable terminal blocks for diameters between 355 mm and 609 mm (of course other diameters are available on request)

PE300/400 pipe/casing extractor: robustness above all

The specifications of the PE300/400 pipe/casing extractor are set out here at a glance.

  • maximum pulling force: 300/400 metric tons
  • maximum clamping force: 350 metric tons
  • maximum stroke length: 1000 mm
  • minimum flow: 100 l/min
  • minimum operating pressure: 300 bar

Would you like to operate the PE300/400 pipe/casing extractor with a custom made generator? INPIEQ gets it all done.
Thanks to this winning combination, you have a mobile and independent unit that can be used anywhere.

Ask for more information today about your PE300/400 pipe/casing extractor .

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