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Your partner for power packs

Power packs are indispensable on your site. Our hydraulics experts can produce state-of-the-art power packs for you: from scratch or based on your existing ones.

Converting power packs

Do you already have a power pack that you would like to have converted?
That can be done!
Handy if, for example, your power pack was made for a high frequency vibrator, and you now want to put it to multi-purpose use.

INPIEQ converts power packs for the following applications:

  • IHC hammers (including the S70, S90 and S120)
  • Junttan hammers (from HHK 5A through HHK 9A)
  • High frequency vibrators with an impact force up to 1200 kN

Thanks to a universal control box, you can use the power pack effortlessly for each application.

Contact us: and let us build your power packs in no time

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