Rebuilding of pile-driving rig Sennebogen 6100XLR for pile installation at extension of the Westhofkade in Vlissingen.

The Westhofkade was built in 1997 and since that time it has been used as a place for the storage and handling of the goods.  Through the years this quay has become a major hub for the offshore wind projects in the Nord Sea. Due to expansion of the activities it has been decided to start the extension of the quay. Thus, as from June 2014 the first foundation job has started. Few months later the first 45-meter anchor piles under the angle of 70 to 45 degrees have been installed.

To install such piles an unique pile-driving rig Sennebogen 6100XLR-2 has been used by BAM Speciale Technieken. Standard Sennebogen 6100 XLR rigs are available in 3:1 version. From standard version, this type of the rig, has been rebuilt to 1:1 version. The rebuilding of the rig to 1:1 has been done under coordination of INPIEQ. Mainly specific changes in hydraulic and electrical systems of the piling rig has been executed by INPIEQ as well.



Lengte sensor

De lengte sensor geeft de lengte van het gemaakte paal door.
Er zijn 2 types sensoren verkrijgbaar.

Contactloze lengte sensor

Data Full Displacement

Contactloze lengte sensor is speciaal ontworpen om de lengte van de paal tijdens het heien te meten (hydraulische of diesel hamer).
Sensor bestaat uit 2 delen.
Een deel is gemonteerd op een hamer en de andere op de mast van de machine.
Zulke opstelling vermindert de mogelijkheid van sensor bruik en heeft de nauwkeurigheid van lengte registratie.
Technische gegevens van contactloze lengte sensor.

By-wire lengte sensor

Data Full Displacement

By-wire lengte sensor is gemonteerd op het bewegende deel van een lier of op de kabel katrol en darmee meet de lengte van de paal tijdens het heien of boren.
Sensor bestaat uit 1 deel.
Een dergelijke positie van de lengte sensor biedt nauwkeurige gegevens over lengte registratie.
Technische gegevens van by-wire lengte sensor.

Vraag snel meer info over sensoren van het meet registratie systeem FvDLS.


Impact Hammer

CPE hydraulic impact hammer 

The CPE is a compact accelerated hammer especially designed for the piling in restricted access sites. The hammer is suitable to drive concrete and timber piles as well as steel casings and H-beams.
The hammer can easily be attached to a compact piling or drilling rig. It is also possible to attach it to an excavator by means of a leader.

The CPE in brief:

  • easy to operate and maintain
  • high impact compared to low hammer weight
  • independent control system makes it easy to assembly on different carriers
  • closed design ensures safe working conditions
  • control system with settings for different applications
  • with low power consumption maximum impact energy
  • can be powered from almost every hydraulic equipment
  • can be delivered with excavator mounted leader
  • possibility to upgrade from CPE15 to CPE30.

Technical data  



Don’t hesitate to request more info about CPE-15/30 Hydraulic Impact hammer.


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